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As you all know, Otto is my dog but more importantly, he is my best friend. Yesterday we were given terrible news and he had to go in for immediate surgery. His survival rate is low, but we’ve been going above and beyond to make sure he has the best care possible. If you can spare anything at all, every little helps. Even if its a prayer or some positive thoughts for his recovery. Thank you all in advance.

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Three times in one night,

each guy tells me,

"Don’t look so miserable all the time."

Well fuck you, I am miserable.

I’m sad that I’m stuck talking to you,

when the only one of interest,

stands five feet away; disinterested. 

"Hey beautiful, don’t frown."

I’m angry because it’s 4 am,

and the five shots of whiskey hasn’t made a bit of difference.

I’m furious because I’m at a dive bar,

in a city thats been suffocating me for five years too long.

I’m anxious because I want to pretend to be happy,

so that you are not.

I’m fucking enraged,

because I’m going to do it all again tonight. 

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boyfriend: what’s for dinner?



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