Three times in one night,

each guy tells me,

"Don’t look so miserable all the time."

Well fuck you, I am miserable.

I’m sad that I’m stuck talking to you,

when the only one of interest,

stands five feet away; disinterested. 

"Hey beautiful, don’t frown."

I’m angry because it’s 4 am,

and the five shots of whiskey hasn’t made a bit of difference.

I’m furious because I’m at a dive bar,

in a city thats been suffocating me for five years too long.

I’m anxious because I want to pretend to be happy,

so that you are not.

I’m fucking enraged,

because I’m going to do it all again tonight. 

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boyfriend: what’s for dinner?



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When I love,
I love ferociously.
My love has a bite,
A sting, a welt.
It won’t cradle you,
It will consume you.
I’ll never delicately remind you,
Because it will surge through your veins.

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